Jewellers Hit Back At ‘Fake’ Gold Chains


gold braceletGold is an expensive piece of metal and is often associate with jewellery; it can be a gift to people like four items of gold for Chinese wedding, a necklace or anklet for full month for babies and also accessories for the Indians. But have you really wonder the gold that you bought is really as pure as it seems? It may be a piece of fake gold you are holding on.  


Recently, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) had conducted random tests of purity of gold around the island and found out that 4 out of the 33 jewellers who were tested failed the tests by selling fake gold and was listed on the CASE blacklist. At each shop, a golden article was brought to the Singapore Assay Office (SAO) for testing. The testing method was called Fire Assay, which is certain parts of the jewellery are melted and the purity of each part is tested. 


The president of Singapore Jewellers Association (SJA) and the other 2 jewellers who failed, held a press conference to address how they felt and it was unfair to the industry. They felt that the test of the article were too small, for example, a 916 article containing 91.6 per cent gold and the rest of the percentage having a mixtures of copper and silver settle at different parts of the article that may affect the level of purity. Rather it should have been test for more than one article and more parts of that one article.  


CASE defending themselves saying that the tests conducted follow the international standards and the sample size were reasonable. It may not be 100 per cent accurate but the percentage of an error occurring is definitely less than 0.5 per cent. They can only be 100 per cent sure of a piece’s purity only if it was melted totally but it was impractical and the jewellers know that every piece are not tested. The test was set at the lowest figure of the main body of the piece, as soldered parts are less pure. 


One of the four on the CASE blacklist was found guilty of selling a piece of fake gold, an item which carried only 80.76 per cent of gold at the price of 916 item would be sold. The jewellers whose names were mentioned greatly affected the businesses of the shops and the industry and also the confidence of the customers were also shaken. So next time, make sure that the quality of the gold jewellery you bought is what you paid for it.