Information on Custom Jewellery

Custom jewellery includes any jewellery that is made specially and according to design details provided by the buyer. There are various reasons why jewellery buyers choose to have their unique customize jewelry rather than buying standard ready made jewellery. Jewelry

Requirement of a very specific design that is not common and popular
A good example of custom jewellery would be a family ring. A buyer who loves rabbits and hamsters might want to have a ring that shows a rabbit and hamster sitting next to each other on the same ring. The probablility of getting standard jewels of this type is slim and thus custom jewellery is the only option.

A design that is a combination of other designs
Buyers often come up with requirements that can combine certain features of two or three rings into one single ring. The texture from one ring might be combined with the gemstone mounting of another. When such specific requirements are revealed, custom made jewellery can deliver the exact results required.

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Requirement of high end craftsmanship
Standard mass produced jewellery does not have the kind of high end craftsmanship that is expected for custom jewellery. On the other hand custom jewellery is almost always produced in single pieces and requires individual attention from skilled craftsmen. Most of the work for custom jewellery is done by hand and perfect handfinishing is provided.

The need for large sized jewellery
You might find the perfect ring of your dreams, the design and gemstones could be exactly what you want however, your ring size might not be available. The option then is to order custom jewellery that is specifically made to your size requirement.

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